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Amax Data

Application Development

AMAX DATA Custom Application Development Services enable robust digital transformation for your business. We design and develop tailored-fit solutions to deliver maximal outcomes within your existing technology ecosystem. Whether you're rethinking your customer interactions or optimizing operational efficiency, our solutions deliver tangible benefits that your business needs to grow. Our unique methodology includes a perfect blend of leveraging new technologies and adopting industry-leading best practices, with an aim to provide the BEST in class, always.

Website / Web Development / Support

AMAX DATA offers website designing and development services, custom web application development, ecommerce web solutions, website design, custom WordPress websites, WordPress themes, logo designs, php mysql web application development, shopping carts, CMS's (content management systems). We also provide consultation & development services, right from planning your online strategy, content writing to marketing your online products.


AMAX DATA excels at delivering world-class enterprise mobile solutions with the aim of developing and deploying the right business solutions creating a positive impact on your business. With a stern focus on user experience and reliable technological expertise, our enterprise mobile developers will help in creating custom-built mobile applications in the best possible ways. From iOS application development to android application development, we guarantee to offer a mobile app that will give your business a much-needed boost.

Digital Transformation / IoT

We can help you drive overall transformation for businesses by combining the capabilities needed to help associations raise and thrive in the digital age. No matter at which stage you are in, AMAX Data transformation consulting services can take you from strategy to execution, using modern interfaces and technologies to improve your digital customer experience.

Our IoT Services and IIOT services for industries are robust, cost-effective, and exceptionally simple to integrate. Companies, big and small, are using enterprise IoT and consumer IoT to enhance productivity, get real-time insights from connected assets, reduce costs, and drive innovation through new business models.

Organizations under the pressures of evolving threats and the management of diversity, social, and environmental issues have learned to trust AMAXDATA for solving complex transitions.

AMAXVEN, Inc. is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the purpose of assisting organizations to bridge human capital and technology challenges.

A collaborative culture is an integral part of our unique operating model, which encourages our people to bring a diversity of ideas and talent to every client engagement. Building on our legacy of passionate client service and guided by our long-term growth strategy, we blend deep expertise in management consulting with advanced technical capabilities to deliver powerful solutions. By investing in markets, capabilities, and talent and building new business models, including ventures, partnerships, and product offerings, we believe we are creating sustainable quality growth for the Company.

Through our dedication to our client's missions, and a commitment to evolving our business to address their needs, we have longstanding relationships with our clients, some more than three decades. We support critical missions for a diverse base of federal government clients, including the U.S. government’s cabinet-level departments, as well as increasingly for top-tier commercial and international clients. We support our federal government clients by helping them tackle their most complex and pressing challenges, such as protecting soldiers in combat and supporting their families, advancing cyber capabilities, keeping our national infrastructure secure, enabling and enhancing digital services, transforming the healthcare system, and improving governmental efficiency to achieve better outcomes. Our people have served commercial clients across industries including financial services, health and life sciences, energy, and technology.

Products and Services

AMAXDATA provides AI-driven products and consultation services to the federal government and medium to large-sized companies.

We offer five functional service offerings supported by continued investment and innovation that drive our capacity to meet market demand today and into the future. We provide a range of technical capabilities that have had an enduring impact on our clients, our people, and the communities where we live and work.

Our functional service offerings are summarized below:

  • Consulting focuses on the talent and expertise needed to solve client problems and develop mission-oriented solutions for specific domains, business strategies, human capital, and operations through new and innovative approaches. We help clients boost organizational performance, deploy new technologies in smart ways, and change and streamline processes to achieve better outcomes.
  • Analytics focuses on transformational solutions that deliver ethical and responsible outcomes in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning, and deep learning; data science, such as data engineering and predictive modeling; automation and decision analytics; and emerging areas, such as quantum computing. We pioneer holistic approaches to apply these technologies to create and sustain data-driven organizations, with a focus not only on data and technology, but also on the people and culture, to drive real outcomes. We act as our clients' trusted advisors, assisting them with building and operationalizing scalable analytics and AI systems based on our deep experience in a complex and evolving AI landscape.
  • Digital Solutions combines the power of modern systems development techniques and cloud platforms with the power of machine learning to transform customer and mission experiences. We blend in-depth client mission understanding and digital technical expertise with a consultative approach. We develop, design, and implement powerful solutions built on contemporary methodologies and modern architectures. We accelerate clients to open, cloud-native environments, where capability can be securely developed and deployed at scale, and effort allocated toward data management challenges is redirected to analysis and insights.
  • Engineering delivers engineering services and solutions to define, develop, implement, sustain, and modernize complex physical systems. We leverage mature engineering methodologies to solve our clients' most complex problems. We bring a holistic understanding of client needs and technical strategy as well as policy experts to deliver purpose-fit solutions to problems. Our engineering capabilities include external industry-standard certifications, such as International Organization for Standardization 90001 and AS9100.
  • Cyber focuses on active prevention, detection, and cost-effectiveness. Active prevention includes methods of securing platforms and enterprises against cyber-attacks. Detection is the instrumentation of networks to provide lead indicators of penetrations. Cost-effectiveness includes our integrated engineering capabilities. Our cyber capabilities are rooted in decades of service to the U.S. federal intelligence community and today afford us the opportunity to maintain technical expertise in network security. With decades of mission intelligence combined with the most advanced tools available, we help clients understand the business value of cyber risk management and prepare for future cybersecurity needs with a lens toward efficiency and effectiveness.

Innovation and Solutions

We are developing transformative solutions that build lasting value for our clients and drive focused innovation to seed next-generation businesses in the areas of artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, secure mobility, advanced engineering (such as directed energy), and customer-centric modern digital platforms. We are advancing and creating the infrastructure and mechanics for new and disruptive business models by enabling a vibrant innovation culture, bringing a solutions mindset to our marketplace and sales force, and building the Company’s presence and brand in the external innovation ecosystem. As a gateway to driving innovation, our solutions combine market-prioritized needs with the Company’s capabilities and products. These solutions enhance future revenue opportunities, monetize the Company's intellectual property, and create differentiated business models and sales channels to drive greater value for our clients.

In addition, we have several acceleration functions that enable our investments and position us as an essential partner in the larger innovation ecosystem. We have a robust technology scouting team that monitors emerging technologies that can further government missions and informs where AMAXDATA, Inc. should "build, buy, or partner" within our own investment lifecycle. Our diverse business partner network then builds and maximizes relationships and go-to-market strategies with leading technology companies.

Lastly, we maintain an active network TO showcase our capabilities and solutions for clients, partners, and prospective talent—serving as an instantiation of our commitment to galvanizing innovation with our clients and local communities.

Operating Model

We operate in strategic business units with separate profit/loss centers. Our operating model encourages collaboration allowing us to bring a mix of the best talent to every client engagement. Our partnership-style culture provides the operational flexibility necessary to quickly mobilize people and capabilities to react to market changes faster than our competitors. As a result, we can go to market as a whole company rather than as a collection of individual competing business units or profit centers.

Our operating model also encourages and enables continuous investment in the right markets, capabilities, and talent to position the Company for further growth by anticipating what government and commercial clients will need next.

Across all markets, we address our clients’ complex and evolving needs by deploying multifaceted teams with a combination of deep mission understanding, market-leading functional capabilities, consulting talent, and true technical and engineering expertise. These client-facing teams, which are fundamental to our differentiated value proposition, better position us to create market-relevant growth strategies and plan for and meet current, future, and prospective market needs. They also help us identify and deliver against diverse client needs in a more agile manner.



.Net, PHP, Java, Python, Frontend tech


IOS/Android, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic


MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, PostGRE


ERP Next, MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle


Wordpress, Joomia, Liferay, Moodle


AI/ML, Blockchain, PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio

Integration Experience

Oracle, SAP, RAMCO, AMOS, MS Dynamics, ERP Next