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Amax Fire

Fire Administration today faces an unprecedented challenge of safety compliance and risk management. Safety Governance should be of great importance, but it is increasingly clear that yesterday's governance practices weren’t up to the task. In both design and implementation, they are too disconnected and incomplete to fully address complex compliance, safety, and risk management puzzles. We at AMAX FIRE look at this challenge with a unique perspective. AMAX FIRE includes mobile and cloud-based fire software platform created for fire departments, as well as fire service companies performing the periodic maintenance, inspection, and support services. The system can be customized as per your processes and exactly the “the way you work”.

AMAX FIRE STATION SOFTWARE with NFIRS 5.0 can be easily implemented and it consists of 8 modules. Every dollar spent on keeping antiquated on-premises systems running is one less dollar spent on frontline support. To help Fire Stations operate better we removed old systems, which had been working in silos with huge maintenance cost. Instead, we put AMAX FIRE (SAAS) in place, so all users across the fire stations could access applications wherever they were working and receive real-time, joined up information that aided faster, better decision making. We found giving the staff the right tools to do their jobs boosts productivity and allows them to fulfil their duties to support frontline staff with pride. By moving mundane back-office processes into the cloud, SaaS makes things quicker, easier, and future-proof. It improves real-time operations, decision making and reporting.

Fire Services will only become more important and face new pressures as our communities continue to grow and temperatures continue to rise - it's vital they have all the necessary support they need to keep us safe. The Apparatus and Vehicle module Intuitively manages your Fire & EMS fleet, equipment, inventory, and medications in one place with cutting edge vehicle management and store software.

AMAX FIRE software for Service firms can help you manage and digitize your entire business operations. This is cloud-based software with field mobility for managing the entire service maintenance programs with CRM /Customer / Contract Management & Billing / Invoicing. It had additional functionality for Spares, Repairs, Call logs and Inventory management.

We Provide Global Services.