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Amax Jet

AMAX JET platform has been developed for transforming the disjointed processes and paper-based approach into a seamless digital experience for Aviation, Aerospace and MROs with a wide variety of configurable quick to deploy apps. AMAX Jet is applicable for all firms who could be in different stages of the digital transformation journey focused around solving very chronic pain areas. It is adaptive technology based on mobility / web-based interface that can be quickly deployed to digitize any process within the operations and integrate with ERP or any legacy systems. Solution is designed in a way that can help accelerate digitization plans that includes IoT, RFID, Mobility and AI.

AMAX JET PROPS (Private Aviation Operations) is a natural extension of the AMAX capabilities, with years of experience and knowledge of the private and charter aviation team that understand the importance of efficiencies and automation through the digital transformation by application of technology. The user-friendly, intuitive, and entirely configurable iOS-based APP reduces and streamlines communications between the crew and operational staff. Available and seamlessly connected with the web portal it allows the instant transfer of data including operations, fight details, transport, in-cabin repairs, cleaning requirements, feedback, etc., between Ops and Crew.

Designed to digitize everything from staff tasks to billing, AMAX builds efficiency at your location, increasing safety, security, and profitability. Accurate inventory management is imperative to the efficient and safe running of any aviation business, Stores module is the key to accurate, efficient, and intelligent stock control. AMAX PRO-AV OPS software helps in digital transformation of the Private Aviation and Charter Handling Operations. It helps in the automation of OCC, Inflight, F&B, Security, Engineering, Support and CRM.

AMAX JET Airport Safety Suite which includes compliance and risk management. Safety audits, safety training and awareness, as well as incident related information will reinforce and support the goal of reducing hazards. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment functionality for being keenly aware of the potential danger in the everyday workplace and standardizing best practices. Digital driven Fire Safety Response Drill / Facility Risk Assessment / Planning / Execution and key learnings ensure that small problems do not develop into major safety hazards for the Airports.

AMAX JET ARFF Software is providing a comprehensive package for automation of critical ARFF activities related Fire Protection work, Incident Management, Training & Risk using combination of mobile and web-based portal, online dashboard, and reports to properly inspect and maintain the safety devices /equipment and assets at all the buildings and airside which can be valuable for the entire organization. ARFF suite of software offers substantial intangible benefits and good tangible ROI for the initial cost of the system and is likely to be very cost effective in the long run. The ARFF system offered by AMAX is unique in more than one way.

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